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    Stylish and exquisite, highlighting the personality of "one person" appliances

    Author:Shenzhen Yingtai Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2020-01-17 14:28:28

    What is the life of a single youth after work? Just order takeaway, cook instant noodles to fill your stomach? Or make a fine dinner yourself? On the Douyin short video platform, we often see single lonely young people show a lot of "one person" household appliances by sharing cooking skills, food, doing housework, etc. There are mini refrigerators, washing machines, multifunctional wall breakers, small Electric cookers, electric ovens, and folding pots that can be carried around. These "one-person serving" appliances are very practical and make one's life full of fun, happiness, and sense of ceremony. Recently, the reporter conducted a visit to the use and sale of these "one-person" appliances.

    "One serving" home appliances become a new favorite of young people

    "Busy weekdays, we are no longer worries." Xiaoqi, who is engaged in the automobile sales industry, has been heating lunch boxes with portable electric appliances for more than half a year. Today, at noon, she used this lunch box to steam her rice and cook broccoli For a few vegetarian dishes, Xiaoqi said that although he occasionally orders takeaway, his lunch is more about preparing the ingredients into semi-finished products and bringing them to the company. The food is clean and healthy. This heated lunch box is really an artifact for cooking.

    The reporter learned in the interview that there are more and more people like Xiaoqi who like "one serving" appliances. Because young people are more inclined to purchase online, most of these "one-person" appliances are purchased online, and reporters randomly browsed multiple online shopping platforms and entered the keywords "one-person share", "one-person share", "single household appliances", etc. A one-person serving of soymilk, health pot, electric cooker, washing machine, mini stereo, mini projector, humidifier, and all kinds of electrical appliances popped up. Small, compact, and feature-rich, making one's life wonderful. Speak. The reporter found that some brands of single-person rice cookers, small refrigerators, etc. can even reach tens of thousands of monthly sales. Opening the first multi-function soymilk store on the homepage of a shopping platform, I saw that this soymilk sales reached more than 7,500 . The store's customer service said that this product is mainly used by 1-2 people. In addition to soy milk, juice, ground meat and other functions. In another brand's flagship store, a price of only 288 yuan, only 75 liter single refrigerated refrigerator is also popular, customer service told reporters that this refrigerator sales are also very good, occupying less than half a square meter, very Suitable for tenants, singles and others. In the search bar of the Douyin platform, the reporter entered keywords and found a lot of "one-person" appliances. Under the atmosphere of music, these Douyin accounts sold "one-person shares" by sharing cooking skills, showing status of living alone, doing housework, etc. "Household appliances have received a large number of fan browsing, likes, comments and purchases.

    Popular online, what about offline physical stores? The reporter also visited major shopping malls in Lanzhou and found that in the well-known brand stores, the sales volume of household appliances was significantly higher than that of “one person” appliances. At an electrical appliance store in Shuangchengmen, the reporter found that physical stores obviously did not have an online shopping platform. On the more, the staff member of Zhao who sells kitchen appliances told reporters that the main home appliances in the store are mainly three to five families. Of course, there are also popular "single serving" supplies, such as a 300-liter foldable pot. It was sold out last month. In a small commodity wholesale market in our city, there are many types of small appliances for "one person", which involves all aspects of family life. A merchant in the market told reporters, "In recent years, the design of small household appliances has become more and more humane. The more and more, it is obvious that the sales of household appliances for one person will increase. "

    A person's life must be delicate and ritual

    Liu Weiwei, who is living in a new field, just started working in Lanzhou this year. Although she lives alone, her attitude towards life is not sloppy. When she walks into her small room, small appliances for "one person" are everywhere. "This is me The small refrigerator that I just started on Double Eleven, this is the soymilk machine that I usually use for breakfast. You see, I also use a small electric cooker, a mini heating pot, etc ... "Liu Weiwei told reporters that the house is rented and bought big appliances First, there is no place to put it, and second, it is really not practical for one person. These "one serving" appliances are necessary for one's own life, making his life more "fireworks".

    Behind the "single serving" home appliances hot sale, more and more people are beginning to pursue quality and diversified lives. The reporter found on the Internet the official data released by Tmall: During the "Double Eleven" period just now, "one person" kitchen appliances sold a total of 2.3 million units, a year-on-year growth rate that was twice that of the overall kitchen appliances. JD.com also released the “JD.com 2018 E-commerce Consumption White Paper”, which also shows that “one person's economy” has a huge consumption trend. From July 2017 to June 2018, the consumption power of the platform "one serving" continued to increase. The top five sales of "one serving" appliances were: rice cookers, woks, lunch boxes, washing machines, and soymilk machines.

    With the continuous improvement of material life, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher. A person's living conditions are not as casual and simple as everyone thinks. On the contrary, they may live more delicately. Because there are not too many life chores, I spend more money on spending convenience and spending money to please myself. "Although the house is rented, but life is not." Said netizen Xiao Mu, who plans to start a business in Lanzhou, eat enough instant noodles and takeaway, and he must prepare all the appliances for "one person" to make life more intimate and refined. This has also opened up new business opportunities for merchants. Many merchants have begun to perceive changes in consumer trends and have slogans “a person also needs a sense of ritual.” They pay attention to mining the value of “small” and create creative ideas for scene segmentation Home appliances make people's lives better and better.

    Stylish and exquisite, highlighting the personality of "one person" appliances
    Liu Weiwei, who is living in a new field, just started working in Lanzhou this year. Although she lives alone, her attitude towards life is not sloppy. When she walks into her small room, small applia
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